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Emotional support from fellow parents with professional training and lived experience

‘I feel heard when I come here. It’s a space for me to vent what’s going on for me as a parent, free from judgement’ – PARENTS Online User, July 2021

Parenting can be really tough. PARENTS Online provides free online emotional support to parents – that means that all of our team have their own experience of parenting challenges and are passionate about using this to give support, hope and understanding to those who need it.

It can feel so daunting to reach out and we know that many parents worry about feeling judged. That’s why our service can be used completely anonymously. We provide support using an online chat function; many parents prefer this type of support whilst juggling the demands of a busy household. Our service can be accessed from any computer, laptop, phone or tablet. All you need to do is click on the ‘chat’ icon and start typing to see if this type of support works for you.

Common questions:

Will I be connected to a real person?

Yes absolutely, you will be chatting 1-2-1 with a trained volunteer with their own parenting experiences. They have been there so they understand how difficult it can be.

Is it really anonymous?

It is completely anonymous. There is no way of us having any of your personal details unless you choose to give them to us whilst chatting.

What shall I chat about? For how long?

You can chat about anything, for as long or as short a time as you like. From a two minute vent to help you cool down, to an hour long chat – we are here to talk about anything on your mind.

Click here to chat to one of our dedicated team Monday to Friday, 6pm-9pm.